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3 Blogging Tips for Growing Your Podcast Audience

As you already know there is no shortage of tips, tricks, hacks, and SEO magic to help you write blogs and content of all kinds for your website.

The problem I keep seeing is that while there are great articles for writing blogs and some that show you how to start your podcast, many skim over blogging and don't meet the need for an episode-specific style of blog writing.

Blogging specifically for podcast episodes cannot be viewed through the same lens as blogging for more general topics or businesses, especially when you have an interview-style podcast. While there are so many nuances we could get into, I want to make this quick and digestible so the blog for your next episode is not just stuffed with keywords or a transcript of the actual episode, but rather something sticky and good with a purpose that your audience can appreciate.

3 "tips" for building your podcast audience with an effective blog

#1 Increase your audience IQ

There is a dual meaning here that we need to break down. Your audience has to be at the forefront of everything you do. The visual, audio and written content must all work together in concert focused on your listener's experience and what you want them to do.

First, as a fan of podcasts and someone that values and respects her time, I would never go back to listening to a podcast that didn't leave me feeling smarter than before I started. Full disclosure, I listen to and cater my content for shows in the business and personal development space. On the blogging side, your content should educate the reader. Ultimately increasing their IQ from the value you bring from audio to written content.

The second meaning behind increasing your audience's IQ is about you truly knowing and understanding your audience. Who's already listening to your show? Who are you going after to grow your show? What other kinds of articles and blogs are they reading? What written content are they already engaging with and how can your show deliver to that desire as well through your blog?

SEO and keyword tie into being more visible with the audience you need for your show. When your audience IQ increases you understand what they're searching for, what they care about, where they struggle, and what problems they need to be solved.

This allows you to write episode-specific blogs that enhance your existing audience's experience and attracts new listeners because the blog is doing the work for you. Increasing your audience IQ allows you to connect on a deeper level.

# 2 Good writing needs to be engaging and inspire action

The secret sauce here is writing a blog that inspires the reader by challenging their thoughts and beliefs or getting them to try a new personal practice or consider changing a business practice for the better.

Your blog should be additive content with resources that allows your reader to grow.

You make sure to get quality guests on your shows. Your prepare a show outline and great questions. You give everything you have to ensure the quality of your audio and visual production. The interview and audio content is above par, how are you not fully squeezing the lemon to make the best lemonade?

Blogging is another way to repurpose your show's audio content, and more importantly, it is a way to highlight your guest, validate the topics and ideas explored and mentioned, and gather the resources and takeaways your listeners and readers need to be packaged together neatly with some well placed CTAs and opportunity to capture email addresses.

#3 See your blog as untapped marketing potential

Some things to add throughout your blog with good intention, relevancy, and strategy, of course, are as follows: affiliate links, promotion, and links to your guest, other blogs or content with relevant information (even content outside of your website), YouTube videos, resource articles, invites to events you are hosting or excited to attend that your audience and readers could also find valuable, your guest's bio and contact links, call to actions for your email list or free downloads, guest's quotes, other relevant quotes, appropriate photos, gifs, and of course your podcast episode (an actual player).

All of the above, when well placed and used effectively can add unlimited potential to growing your show, promoting your business and services. Understandably, writing isn't something everyone enjoys, but it is so important to communicating and connecting with your audience.

Use your show to promote your blog as additive content to that specific episode and use the blog to further promote your show! There is a cycle of reciprocity that can serve you well.

If you'd like more information on writing blogs for your podcast episodes or the services that The Written Podcast Agency provides send me a message so we can connect. We offer free consultations and feedback as well.

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